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Security for your business, website and customers

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Our Hosting Package already contains a strong security component.

  • Web server scanned daily for viruses
  • Daily upload of Linux operating system updates and new security patches
  • Password protected control panel with user access logs
  • Strict registration policies and user procedures
  • Antivirus/Antispam Spam Protection
  • Secure POP3/IMAP Emails
  • Support for SSL
  • Intrusion detection software monitors (IDS)
  • Password Protected Directories
  • IP Denial Facilities
  • FTP Session Control
  • Proactive Security Monitoring

However, if you collect, transmit, manage, store or process data you should consider our enhanced security options below.  As a minimum, you must register under the Data Protection Act (DPA).  This is a legal requirement and non compliance is a criminal offence. Once you are registered under the DPA we will add the padlock logo to your website to show that you are duly registered and compliant with the law. One off fee of £70 + VAT.

Website Vulnerability Scanning

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If website users can interact with your website then they can introduce viruses and malware to be embedded in your website code.  These viruses would reside soley within your website and therefore would not necessarily show on our normal server scans.

With our vulnerability scanning you get our expert knowledge and the benefits of our partnership with the industry leading McAfee Security.

We will monitor your website, with each page individually scanned daily for all known viruses, spyware and malware and valnerability threats.

A McAfee certificate is prominently displayed and updated daily on your website showing that your site is fully protected and therefore entirely safe for users. This is proven to increase customer conversions as well as assuring you of your site's security.

  • Installation fee and first year’s fee - including adding McAfee logo to your website. £250 + VAT
  • Annual renewal fee £160+VAT
SSL Security Certificates

Comodo SSL Website Security Logo

If you collect, process or transmit customer data or business critical data you will require Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for data transmission and a SSL certificate from a reputable security provider.

SSL is the most advanced security currently available for data transmission and encrypts all data to 256 bit standard.  Your website will then use the https standard.  This is a requirement for all the major payment card processors.

We partner with Comodo, the leading global online security provider for SSL certificates.

The Comodo certificate is prominently displayed on your website so that all your customers can be assured that their data is secure. This is vital for payment data, such as credit card details.

  • Installation fee and first year’s fee £250 + VAT (includes addition of certificate logo to your website)
  • Annual renewal fee £160 + VAT